Driver of the Month May 2004



May 2004


 Mike "Junior" Johnson

Mike - 34 on May 27th

Richmond, VA

Mike - Residential Construction

What year did you first get interested in (or start) autocrossing?

What kind of car do you compete with, what class do you compete

and what are its particular strong suits in your opinion?
1995 Z-28 in F/S.  The strong suits are really attributed to
the bow tie upon the nose... And its ability to leave two black
at will......

How much of the sport do you think is attributed to driver skill
vs. car setup?

 I definitely think that this sport is more about talent than
car set up.  Having a car that is set up well is awesome, but many
people just don't know how to do it.  They'll keep messing with the
car, throwing thousands of dollars at it.  When the only real thing
the car needs is for someone to tighten the loose nut behind the
wheel.  The best thing that any autocrosser can do is take an
Evolution School.  You'll learn more in one day, than in a whole
season by yourself.

What is it about autocrossing that keeps you interested?
The Challenge of competition.  I love to try classes that I
don't normally run in.

Do you constantly critique yourself during your runs or after the

 Yes, I'll talk to people about them, ask some of my friends
advice.  Most of the time I talk to myself while I'm taking the run.

How do you feel after a fast, clean run?
 After a good fast CLEAN run, I feel like Bill Murray in Caddy
Shack.  IT'S IN THE WHOLE!!!!!!!!!

Would you consider expanding your skills to wheel to wheel racing?
Sure, I'd consider it, but it's to expensive.

Have you ever tried to get a company to sponsor you? Were you

  Not really, I did have an import shop do all of my tire work
for free when I ran my Civic in 1999.

Is it only the driving aspect that entices you to go autocrossing?
  No, the friends that I have made autocrossing and teaching are
awesome.  I look forward to going to every event that I can.  I just
wish that I could go more often...

What trophies or titles have you won?
 I've won quite a few Pro Solo's and National Tours.  Most of
them in FS, but I've also won in ES and SS.  In 1999 I won a Pro Solo
Championship in ES*, and the most meaningful title is the 2003 FS
National Championship.  That was an awesome feeling!!!

What is your primary goal for the 2004 season?
To hopefully repeat as the FS National Champion, and maybe
play in some other classes.

If you could have ANY autocross ride imaginable, what would it be
and why?

 A Z06, cause they are the baddest cars on the planet.  For
the money there is nothing like it, and I've been very successful in them......

What is your official source for all things autocross in the