Driver of the Month – July 2010

July 2010

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Name: Eric Simmons
Age: 40
City/State: Macungie, P.A.
Profession:  Automotive Technician

Daily Driver: 2004 Dodge Ram,……..

Family: Tricia (Fiancé), Lizzy (dog)

SCCA Member Since: 2002, started racing in 1986

SCCA Region: Philly

How’d you get started in Autox? My Dad used to Autox, Road race, and Hill climb

What did you drive at your first AutoX season? 1976 Stinger F-440

What you wished someone had told you when you started? How addicting it is.
What kind of car & class do you currently compete in? 2005 Evo in BSP, 1989 Crx in STS

What made you choose your current autox car? It is whatever I own, or offered to drive at the time.

Who is your biggest influence in the sport? Why? Anyone Fast, it gives you something to shoot for.

Have you taken any AutoX/Driving Schools? No

What would you do if they stopped making Miller Light? Drink MGD 🙂
Is it true that you can shift faster than an F1 computer? It is True, fastest hands in the North East 🙂
What size is your helmet and did they make it extra wide at the bottom for your neck? XL, you know what they say about Girth!

Funniest autox story, if any? There are So many, Mikes car falling off the jackstands, his car rolling off the trailer, I reached down to turn on the radio after the finish and hit  3 cones.

Scariest moment? When the port O jon got hit, and there was a person in it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now in the sport? Driving What? Still trying to Win Nationals, I would like to drive a Prepared car?

In the past year or so, what have you learned to help improve yourself as a driver and your car setup? In car Video helps alot to see if I am looking ahead and watch my inputs, car setup is hard because I am always changing cars.

Do you left-foot brake? In your opinion how has this helped you? Yes I left foot brake, I think it helps trail braking and helps to settle the car.

What can you tell a Novice who is just starting out? Get an instructor, and get plenty of seat time. make sure you have Fun also.

Worst advice you ever received? None.
Best advice? The usual, Look ahead, make a game plan when you are walking, don’t overdrive.
How much of the sport do you think is attributed to driver skill vs. car setup? 70% driver, 30% car setup
What is it about autocrossing that keeps you interested? The challenge, and the people.

Do you critique yourself after a run? Yes every time.

What techniques do you use to memorize the course? Key cones, at least 3 course walks.

Would you consider expanding your skills to wheel to wheel racing or even doing a HPDE? Yes, I bought a SSC Neon Acr and want to get into Road Racing and Hill Climbs. I think I will always want to Autox though

What trophies or titles have you won? Multiple Class championships in Philly region, Multiple Tour Wins, and NEDIV Wins, 2nd place Season points in Pro Solo

What is your primary goal for the upcoming 2010 season? Get a Trophy at Nationals
If you could have ANY autocross ride imaginable? A-mod

Do you volunteer to help out with your local club, if so what have you done? I was in charge of Course design

What was your favorite subject in school?  Math

Did you get any tickets as a teenager? Yes speeding tickets

What did your parents drive when you were young? 65 396 Corvette, V8 Corvair, V8 Monza,……………

How many vehicles do you currently own and how many have you owned? 3 cars right now, and 99 Total. (Has to be over 120 by now)
Which was your favorite autocross car (of cars you owned)? That is a hard one, F125 Shifter Kart, Solstice, FSP Rocco, ST Civic,….

This year you bought a motorcycle, how long did that last? 2 Months, I have owned 9 so far.

What was the shortest amount of time you owned a vehicle? 3 days

Are you holding back on getting #100 to make it more special?  We wonder what it will be and if you will have a party to celebrate. I wish I could hold back, but I have a problem 🙂  There is always time to Party.


What is your favorite-

Food- Cheeseburger

Drink-  Non-Alcoholic- Iced Tea     Alcoholic- Miller Light

TV Show- Ultimate Fighter/ Top Gear

Entertainer: Chevy Chase

Movie- National Lampoons Vacation

Music/Band- Metallica

Car-   Owned=  AWD Civic  Dream time= Lamborgini

Race Driver-     Professional=   Michael Schumacher         Amatuer=Salerno

Other hobbies besides AutoX? Vollyball, Bowling, Beer Pong

Some of your favorite Web Sites, car related or not?,