Thinking about going to the Solo Nationals just do it!

By Mike Kobialka

2022 Solo Nationals was awesome! It only took 15 years to get out there, but I finally get it. If you’re even thinking about going just do it! It’s not just a national tour with a ton of more people, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have autocrossing, and an experience you’ll never forget.

The site is massive! Literally took 4 minutes in a golf kart to cruise from one end to the other. Watching fighter jets take off never got old and with all the food vendors on site I never got hungry. The walking taco was slammin’

The paddock is filled with hundreds of people helping each other and having fun. From welding cars back together, sharing smoked BBQ and beer, to foursquare, F1 viewing parties and VR time attack competitions. There are all kinds of shenanigans in every row.

The endless sea of concrete with no light poles or curbs is an autocross paradise.

The competition is next level. The amount of talent that came to win creates an environment of greatness on display that is amazing to watch.

Was awesome to finally meet people I’ve heard about for years, talked to on the internet, or read about in SportsCar Magazine. Made new friends for life and learned so many new things.

Congrats to all those who trophied, there were a lot of you, and it shows how good the talent in the northeast is. If you can pax well at an NNJR event you have a shot at a trophy and if you pax great you have a shot at a championship. So get out to Nationals and send it!

Thanks again to The Walter Huber Scholarship for helping cover expenses, was an honor to be chosen, and it really meant a lot to me.

Thanks again for all the support, especially those who were there when I choked day 1, was super down and wanted to puke.

Thanks again to my wife for letting me go play with cars for a week.

And finally super thanks to Rich DiMarco. I would’ve never made it out to Nebraska if it wasn’t for you. You kicked ass, even with a tired car. Was an honor to co drive with ya and I don’t know how yet, but I plan to be there next year for redemption and to cheer you on to take it all!