The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual

Get LIFETIME access to The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual

Imagine you have been autocrossing for 6 months or a year. You go to each event full of enthusiasm and have a great time, but are in awe of how much faster the top drivers are. You ride in the car with one of them for a run, but it is all just a blur. You have absolutely no idea how you could go that fast.

Or imagine you have been autocrossing for a few years. You made steady progress for a while, but you sense that your progress has stagnated. You tell yourself that you do this mostly for fun, but a part of you is burning to go faster. Some newer drivers who were once slower than you have caught up to you, and you are frustrated that you are not improving anymore.

Or imagine that you compete at a national level. You have the capability to win, but your performances are inconsistent. On some days, you are as fast as anybody! Other days, you are struggle with pace or make mistakes. You are tired of feeling like you are so close, but still so far. You look at the drivers who win consistently and resign yourself to thinking “they must be aliens”.
All 3 of those are stages I have gone through,
and are stages that many of you have told me you are going through.

The thing is, we get to choose whether we want to do something about it or not. For sure, you can just keep doing what you have been doing. You can continue showing up, and hope you improve that out of sheer “force of will”. Imagine doing that. Do you see a clear path forward?


Imagine if you could gain the know-how to come to every autocross armed with a system for decoding any autocross course, a greater understanding of the driving techniques the best drivers use, a finely tuned mechanism to detect and fix the smallest mistakes, and a rock solid plan to ensure you keep making continuous progress.

Transform your autocross game with The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual, the most comprehensive system for understanding all of the nuances of autocross and improving your performance, no matter your current skill level.
Enrollment for the course is now open!

p.s. Oh, and the best part? This course will continue to evolve, with new sections and information being added over time. As new topics and lessons are added to the course, the price will go up for new students, but everyone who is already enrolled in the course will automatically have lifetime access to all future updates at no additional cost.

Get LIFETIME access to The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual

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