First Time AutoXer

The beauty of autocrossing is that it is one of the simplest, easiest forms of motorsport to venture into on a variety of levels, but there are some responsibilities on your end that can make the day less hurried and more enjoyable as a result.

Among the first, and most important, is to try to arrive at any site by 7:45am as there is much to do before the event begins with the first car leaving the line around 10am.
Generally speaking, as soon as you arrive, unpack your car so that it is as cleaned out as the day it got delivered from the dealer, this includes front and rear passenger areas and the hatch/trunk. This is a safety mandate and it gets looked for in a required tech inspection. Also, the floor mat on the driver side needs to come out so as to prevent it from being caught between any of the pedals.
Bring plenty of water, sunscreen on those summer days and your own lunch as most autocross organizations provide neither and the day is usually busy enough that you won’t be able to leave the site for an hour or so.
After that, once registration opens, be on line as early as possible, do your business, then get a worker assignment. EVERYONE WORKS AT AN AUTOCROSS as we are ALL VOLUNTEERS!!! Then, once tech opens, get your car through, then park it again and begin walking the course. We offer a fantastic novice walk-through, but you’ll want to walk at least 3-4 times including our guided walk as courses change each and every event.
Here is a link to a site that features some good introductory information…
Anthony “Mario” Crea

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