Digital Annual Waivers: Making Life Easy

Ever want to walk into an SCCA event like you own the place? With the SCCA SOLO Annual Waiver, you can! SCCA’s SOLO Annual Waiver eases the burden on both participants and volunteers, allowing SCCA Members easy access to event sites – and with the Annual Waiver being completed digitally, the process is as easy as click, click, upload a photo, and click.

Login using the Member Access Portal (MAP) at and click the “Licenses & Waivers” link under the “Online Store” tab.

Digital Annual Waivers for minors are also available, as are forms offering parental consent. Click here for full instructions for signing the Annual Waiver

Another way to find these forms is to use the buttons below:


The process is simple, easy, and (best of all) free – so get clicking and pretend you’re a VIP at the next SCCA event you attend.

Photo by Jake “Hamfist” Namer