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Good afternoon Solo competitors!

By now, you have hopefully heard about the new contingency claim process. If not, here’s the scoop!  

New for 2019, competitors will be required to submit an electronic claim form in order to collect contingency awards. We have been piloting this process for the season so far with great success and it will become a requirement for all future Solo/ProSolo events following Spring Nationals in Lincoln, May 23rd-25th. If claim forms are not submitted after this time, you will not receive contingency awards.

This new process will greatly improve contingency verification and enables the competitor to ensure their vehicle was checked and submitted for payout, all while freeing up valuable workers to do other things at events.

New process:

  • Competitors will still need to register for the contingency sponsors they want to support every year prior to their first event. This process has not changed. You can register here:
    • You only need to register once per year per sponsor (not including Championships), as well as register directly with the sponsor if required. Please read all program requirements it insure payout.
  • Go Race!
  • When you are in a payout position, you will take THREE photos of your vehicle – driver side, front and passenger side to show proper decal placement.
    • We find this is easiest to do while you are celebrating in impound, but if you forget, no worries; Just do it before you leave the event site!
  • Next you will go to the electronic claim form, you can do this from your phone, a friend’s phone, tablet, or computer and fill in the required fields, upload your photos and click “Submit”. All claim forms must be submitted within 48 hours of the event. Here is the link: which can also be found on the Solo Contingency Page under “Contingency Claim” or on the event page.
    • Bookmark the claim link for easier access for your future wins!
    • You can select multiple sponsors on one form, and you only need to submit one form per event.
    • This cool new form literally takes less than a minute to fill out but if you have poor cell service or run out of time at the event site, no problem, just submit it when you get home!
  • You are done! Your claim is now submitted to the SCCA National Staff. Once verified, you will receive your payout or further instruction according to the specific sponsors payout process, so keep an eye on your inbox!

We appreciate you working with us as we strive to develop more advanced processes and technology to insure you are always accurately awarded for your participation. We will continue to improve all processes to make sure you have the best customer service experience with SCCA possible!

Tell your friends!

Thanks & Happy Racing!

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