Audio playlist of The Complete Autocrossers Manual

Howdy, students of The Complete Autocrosser’s Manual,

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While most of us are cooped up at home with no autocrosses to attend, I hope you are using the time to keep your skills sharp in other ways.

Last summer, a few of you reached out to me and asked about an audio version of the course that would be easier to listen to in the car on long road trips, or even while at home, without needing to look at the screen. Over time, several others have asked for that as well, so I am excited to let you know that we now have audio-only capability in the course!

There is now an audio player under the video on every lesson page. Or if you prefer to listen to all of them in sequence, there is a dedicated Audio Playlist page with all of the audio in one place.

As always, if there are other topics or features you would like for me to add to the course, please let me know. I am committed to continuing to improve this course to give you as much value as I can.

– Vivek

p.s. In the next couple of months there will be a price increase for new students of the course as I add some more new lessons/videos, so if you have friends that would benefit from enrolling in the course, let them know to get in before the price increase.

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