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Written By Tony “Mario” Crea

PAX could best be described as a relative index of performance in autocrossing, much the same way a handicap rating is given in the game of golf. PAX indexes are based on results from the SCCA National Championships (the best of the best) each September. How strongly a class performs compared to the thirty-something other classes represented helps determine PAX indexes the next year. The following is an example showing how PAX is used at events…
The class “A Modified” is the fastest class in autocrossing; it is expected that the cars in this class represent the pinnacle of autocross-specific race car design, engineering, and performance. The class rarely disappoints! Due to its unbelievable performance, the PAX index for this class is 1.000 (no handicap is given). This means that if an A Mod car runs a time of 50 seconds, it will show up on the final results as 50 seconds.
Now let’s compare this to a car in “C Street Prepared”, which has a PAX index of .844. A car in CSP runs a time of 62 seconds on the same course as the A Mod car, yet its time will appear as 52.328 on the final standings. This was done by multiplying the raw time by the PAX index. As a result, the CSP car finishes only 2.328 seconds (not 12 seconds) behind the A Mod car. Yes, it still lost based on raw speed alone, but it allowed the driver in the CSP car to finish much higher overall. Thus, most regions base their overall driver championship on PAX performance whereas class championships are based on raw times.


2023 PAX/RTP Index

Racers Theoretical Performance”

This Index was developed by Rick Ruth and reflects study of results from well over 500 nationwide Solo events including, the Tire Rack® Solo National Championships, National Tour, Alabama Region, Arkansas Region, Atlanta Region, Chicago Region, California Sports Car Club, Central Florida Region, Equipe Rapide (Florida & Texas), Great Lakes Solo Series, Hawaii Region, Houston Region, Midwest Divisional Series, Milwaukee Region, New England Region, Northwest Region, Northern New Jersey Region, Oregon Region, Philadelphia Region, Rocky Mountain Series, San Francisco Region, San Diego Region, South Jersey Region, St. Louis Region, Tri-State Sports Car Council, Texas Region, Washington DC Region, and many, many others.

SS 0.832 SSP 0.855 XP 0.884 AM 1.000
AS 0.823 ASP 0.849 BP 0.867 BM 0.980
BS 0.818 BSP 0.852 CP 0.858 CM 0.896
CS 0.811 CSP 0.864 DP 0.865 DM 0.898
DS 0.808 DSP 0.844 EP 0.856 EM 0.911
ES 0.792 ESP 0.840 FP 0.877 FM 0.914
FS 0.813 FSP 0.828 HCR 0.815 FSAE 0.981
GS 0.794
HS 0.786 SSR 0.846 SMF 0.847 KM 0.933
HCS 0.793 SM 0.868
CAM-T 0.816 SSM 0.879
SSC 0.807 CAM-C 0.819
CAM-S 0.839
STH 0.812
STS 0.814  XS-A 0.842
STX 0.817  XS-B 0.848
STR 0.831  EV 0.838
STU 0.830
SST 0.837

Rick Ruth PAX/RTP Administrator

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