Driver Profiles


I sincerely apologize, unfortunately, time has limited me in further doing driver profile updates. 6/1/23

The Northeast is a great place to autocross. The level of talent from a number of regions in the division is immense and it ensures that each event is capable of showcasing some of the best in the country. Each month we’ll feature a short bio on one of these drivers, but we’ve also included some from the archives. You may notice some names have moved onto professional racing, some have left the sport to raise families or pursue other interests, and some have departed this world and moved on to whatever lies ahead.

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  • January 2022 – Joe Caffey – Philly Region SCCA



  • October 2019 – Don Slevin – NNJR SCCA
  • September 2019 – Heidi Ellison – NNJR SCCA
  • August 2019 – Danny Kao – WDC Region
  • July 2019 – Evan Schickel – NNJR Region
  • NEW UPDATED Profile – Robby Foley Driver of IMSA GTD Turner Motorsports #96 BMW M6 GT3 and NNJR SCCA Member. He was featured below July 2008