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Perry Aidelbaum

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To: Solo Events Board

RE: Solo Cup Award

    I am writing this letter to nominate Perry Aidelbaum of Northern New Jersey Region for the Solo Cup Award.  Perry has been dedicated to the sport of autocrossing for over 25 years. He has competed locally, regionally and nationally and his contributions to the sport in Northern New Jersey and the entire Northeast Division are second to none. He owns and runs a website dedicated to autocrossing in the Northeast. The website features regional and national event schedules, photos, a classified section and other useful autocross related resources.

    He has been the autocross chairman and overall leader of the NNJR Solo program for the better part of 20 years. They run a very large local program at The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ that he coordinates throughout the season.   He has done all of the regions site acquisitions including the Englishtown Raceway Park and The Meadowlands and he alone maintains the relationships with the site owners. Over the years he has been the event chairman of The Northeast Divisional Championships, two Pro Solos and a Championship Tour.  

    NNJR is one of those clubs that when you go to the event you feel very welcome.  Perry oversees a team of people that run the events the way they should be run. They are very user friendly and very well organized.

    Although Perry has been mostly absent from The National Championships in recent years, I feel it is members like Perry that really keep the club running on the local and regional level.  

Respectfully submitted,

David Newman
Member# 225402
Northeast Division Solo Coordinator


November 30, 2016

Dear valued member of the SEB,

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Perry Aidelbaum in the hopes that he’s considered for, and ultimately the recipient of, the prestigious Kelly Cup. 

I have been involved with the SCCA exclusively as an autocrosser since 1994. I have literally known Perry since “Day 1” of my time in this great organization. Almost 23 years ago, we were kids in our early 20’s who had time to compete and begin acquiring and honing skills that would last a lifetime. Personally, I was hooked from that very first event and I have Perry to thank for that.

At first, Perry was just like any other autocross addict: attending 25-30 events a year and not minding if it involved a 300 mile drive for a local event offering a scant four runs. Yet, this never seemed to faze him. Instead, he relished it, and in my first three or four years, I was in awe of his speed. Actually, he owned a 1990 Integra in CSP back then and I used to joke that the class letters stood for “Can’t Stop Perry”.

Around the late 1990’s, our Solo program in the Northern New Jersey Region received the opportunity to use a relatively good parking lot at a local dragstrip for our events. Along the way, Perry was quietly paying attention to some of the renowned course designers in the NY, NJ, PA and CT area. He soon began designing courses that flowed well and offered competitors a good mix of everything one seeks from autocross courses. This soon began attracting people from places like Massachusetts and Virginia, reinforcing the belief that if there are good sites with good courses, people will travel for regional events. In addition, Perry began helping our (then) Solo Chairperson, Ernie Anderson, with some of his regular duties. Before you knew it, Perry was being introduced as a Co-Chair with Ernie and his level of responsibilities increased. 

However, his enthusiasm for the sport never waned. 

Like most of us, marriage and a child came by 2003; and while the years in which 25-30 events could be attended were over, Perry still managed to attend 15-20 events a year. By now he was well-respected as a course designer and he had all but taken over the reigns as Solo Chair here in the NNJR. Indeed, Perry had grown up and taken on a leadership role that, if you had asked me back in 1994 if he would ever be considered for such things, I’d have laughed at you. 

Yet here we are.

By 2011 he was instrumental in growing the NNJR Solo program to the point that he acquired the best site in the NEDiv, MetLife Stadium. The NNJR has proudly hosted a few National events there since then, drawing competitors from Maine to Florida in the process… Not every National event can make such claims. We have also gone from struggling to make 50 car turnouts in those early years to hosting events more than three times larger than that. Granted, such growth and accomplishments couldn’t be handled alone; truthfully, Perry has had a team of core members and competitors that have worked together and been part of the team all this time. We confidently claim that we have the best Solo management team east of the Mississippi, and through it all Perry Aidelbaum is right there to keep everyone motivated, keep everyone encouraged, and to resolve issues that would otherwise mar someone’s day off all the while helping the next generation of competitor be in awe of his speed. 

It is for everything I said in this letter that I unquestionably feel Perry Aidelbaum is a worthy recipient of the Kelly Cup.


Anthony “Mario” Crea




Since its creation in 1996 by  Perry Aidelbaum, (PA’s Autox Page, original name, now “AutoX4u”) has provided hundreds of thousands of individuals,  ranging from first-timer to National Champion, with information on the sport of autocrossing.  Originally featuring only the larger SCCA regions in the NJ – NY – Philly Metropolitan areas,  the page has since grown to include numerous clubs and organizations all of whom are dedicated to providing safe, fast, and fun motorsports competition.

The main page provides everything one needs to know about autocrossing.  For example, it features one of the most comprehensive schedule and results archives on the entire web!  There truly is something for everyone on this site,  so enjoy and remember to drive safely.  – Tony “Mario” Crea

For those that don’t know, Perry’s site has been a great resource for the entire NJ, NY, CT and PA autocross community for many years. He communicates with most of the major (if not all) car clubs throughout the region, and keeps an up-to-date schedule of their autocross events. So, if a weekend approaches where you know we don’t have an autocross or other club activity you might be interested in, you can go to his site and quickly see what is on the calendar for the entire area! You can also look ahead through the entire season, for those of us that plan ahead. In addition, most regional and national-level SCCA autocross events (solo and prosolo) appear on his page. What’s more, autocrossers around the country recognize this site as the leading resource to find out what’s going on on our neck of the woods.

Perry is also an exceptional autocrosser in his own right, and instructs for us from time to time. He has some national-level hardware on his shelf.

Drew Karpinski – X-Chairman NNJR PCA Solo