Keith’s wife Yulan asked me to help her sell Keith’s cars (Rx-8 & Mercedes CLA 45 AMG).  Can you get this out to the Club membership & your website if that is possible?

If someone wants to make an offer they can tack me Tom Bracci

2009 Mazda Rx-8 R3 SOLD


32,172 miles

These are the modifications performed by Small Fortune Racing, Bill Gendron

– Original Moton (pre-breakup) shocks, double adjustable, reservoirs, custom spring mounts for stock springs, full service in 2018

– SFRE Front Sway bar, Ball bearing mounts, 5 position adjustable

– Light weight muffler and SS exit pipe.

– Solo alignment with stock adjustments.

– I believe it comes with at least one additional set of wheels.

I have seen various year Rx-8’s listed for sale for $4,000 to $14,000.  Keith’s car is in very good shape.

2021 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG


1,278 miles

I have only found much older models selling for $30,000, the sicker on this car was $67,000.  It was specially ordered with only performance options without any of the weight-adding options.


Keith Scala’s RX8 and MB CLA 45 AMG for sale