SCCA Tire Rack National Solo Schedule April Reset

With the necessary precautions taken locally and nationally to ensure the safety of participants, volunteers, fans and humanity, the 2020 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo program schedule has been revamped with an eye on a return to action in the second half of the year.

SCCA Announcement

This includes the Tire Rack Championship Tour, Tire Rack ProSolo, and CAM Invitational calendars.

The Championship Tour was able to run the first event, the Dixie Tour, in March before the widescale shutdowns went into effect to combat the spread of the coronavirus. After much streamlining and revising, the Championship Tour and ProSolo season, including two CAM Invitational events, will now consist of a total of 20 events, providing national, state and local authorities determine that each of these events can be held safely. This includes the ProSolo Finale and Tire Rack Solo National Championship. The updated schedule is:

Tire Rack Championship Tour – 8 events
• Dixie, GA – March 13-15
• Summer Nationals (Bristol, TN) – July 3-5
• Great Lakes (Peru, IN) – July 10-12
• Packwood, WA – July 10-12
• Spring Nationals (Lincoln, NE) – August 21-23
• Seneca, NY – September 25-27
• Hitchcock, TX – October 16-18
• Tucson, AZ – October 23-25

Tire Rack Solo National Championships (Lincoln, NE) – September 7-11

Tire Rack ProSolo – 8 events
• Peru, IN – June 12-14
• Charlotte, NC – June 18-20
• Topeka, KS – June 26-28
• Summer Nationals (Bristol, TN) – July 1-3
• Packwood, WA – July 17-19
• Fontana, CA – July 24-26
• Oscoda, MI – July 31-August 2
• Spring Nationals (Lincoln, NE) – August 19-21
• ProSolo Finale (Lincoln, NE) – September 4-6

CAM Invitational
• CAM Invitational (Peru, IN) – August 7-9
• CAM Invitational (Lincoln, NE)– September 5

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