2022 SCCA Tire Rack Pro Solo and National Tour update

2022 Tire Rack® SCCA® ProSolo® Class Change and PSI Summary

With the 2022 ProSolo Series fast approaching, the ProSolo Index committee met to review and update the ProSolo Index and class adjustments. Their recommendations were submitted to the National ProSolo Staff and the following changes will be implemented into the 2022 ProSolo ruleset:

  • STS to be combined into the S5 class. The STS class has been the least subscribed class and for 2021 it averaged 3.9 entries per event, only 4 times did it make the class minimum. Combining STS into S5 along with the other class adjustment will make the S5 class the third most popular class.
  • FSP will be moved into the S5 class. FSP has been somewhat out of place in the higher-powered S1 class requiring a wide spread in class PSI factors and often creating course-dependent results. The move will place the FSP cars into a class filled with cars of similar type and size while tightening up the PSI factor spread for the S1 class. While traditionally the mixing of tire type (200/R-Comps/Race tires) within a class is not ideal it has been done in other classes, so we feel this to be the right move for the FSP and S5 class.
  • Other notable changes: 
    • Drop the Formula Jr. Class
    • Add the new SST class (2wd) to Street Index class S3
    • Add the new SST class (4wd) to Street index class S4
    • Add XA/XB (2wd) to Street Index class S1
    • Add XA/XB (4wd) to Street Index class S4
    • Add EV as a Supplemental Class that would be eligible for points, contingency awards, and participation in the Bonus Challenge if there are five drivers in the class: not eligible for Super or Ladies Challenges due to unknown performance potential

For the full summary and ProSolo Index numbers, check out more here.

Solo National Tour: Now with Season Points

Come 2022, the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour — formerly Championship Tour  will have a new season-long look, with a year-long point championship up for grabs in each class.

Competitors will have the opportunity to score points in each National Tour event throughout the season, with three of the best-scoring events counting toward the individual season total. Drivers must attend the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals Championship event to be eligible for the year-end trophies; however, results at Solo Nationals will not count in the point chase and instead be used as a tiebreaker, if necessary.

Points will be awarded on a performance-based scale, utilizing a formula that the Great Lakes Division has used with great success in its Divisional Series. This has served those in the Division well for years, rewarding not just finishing position but relative finish as compared to the class leader.

That formula is: 100 — (900 x ((Entrant’s Time – Class Winning Time) / (Class Winning Time))

For example:

Pos. in classDriverTotal Time for Event
(in seconds)
Points Awarded for This Event
1Driver 1117.290100.00
2Driver 2117.33799.64
3Driver 3117.84295.76
4Driver 4117.95094.94
5Driver 5118.17293.23

“We’ve received feedback from competitors over the years that the National Tour feels like a series of stand-alone events, rather than a cohesive unit,” Rick Myers, Director of Solo, said. “It is still possible to attend just one event a year, and we encourage those who want to, to continue to do so. But this is a new opportunity for those who want to run for a season-long championship to do so, and it offers a new dynamic to the Tire Rack National Tour in advance of Solo Nationals.”