I was awarded the SCCA 2016 Kelly Cup

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What is the Kelly Cup

Years ago, before I became involved with the club, I remember talking with a fellow autocrosser, Wayne Faulkner. While Ernie was doing his drivers’ meeting speech, I said, “I would never want to get involved and do all that work. I’d rather just come and drive.” Well, you can all see where that went.

There was one event at Englishtown where I set a course, and there was one particular guy, André, who did not like it, so he left, went to the Farmshow complex in Harrisburg and ran in the PM session. I learned from that design; he never left an event again.

I am so honored to receive this prestigious award. Thank you to all my fellow racers who nominated me for this. All the folks in the NNJR region are my second family, the core staff that help me put on top notch events, and who also have the same passion for the sport. Thank you all very much. I am extremely grateful.


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